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Crafts & Clothing for Dollfie & You
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Thank you for your patience, everyone! I have good news! The site is reopening this month with a bunch of new and fun items for your dolls! In the works: New wigs, clothes, jewelry, art work, and doll accessories! (Including some naughty bits for "mature" doll owners ^_~)

I have closed my eBay store for now, due to the insane fees! I have also decided to stop Monique pre-order wig sales. I may still offer up OOAK dyed wigs for sale, either on DoA, my site, or eBay auction. I am also looking into making fun fur wigs. ^_^

I am also not currently taking any commissions. I just got a new "day job" and between that and working on new ctrl-alt-doll items, there's just no time left for customs!

Please stay tuned for more news! :D Thanks!

Dye and dyed wig colors are currently unavailable - natural colors are still available though! Ctrl-alt-doll is working on brand new wigs at the moment - not sure yet when the dyed colors will be available again, but please stay tuned here for updates!

Journals are now $6.50 and jewelry is starting at $6.00. ^_^

New Doll-sized Journals are available! Each one is OOAK and has real blank paper pages inside. I hope you like them!

New wigs are available! ^_^

All Size 8-9 wigs are on sale on eBay until February 27!

I have also added three new patchwork bags to eBay:

I don't believe the frog is from anything specific, but the design just grabbed me immediately, it kinda hurts to sell this one. I hope it finds a good home! ^_^

10% Off - Winter Special! 

Use the code below at checkout to receive 10% off you order!


  Offer good from now until the first day of Spring: March 21, 2007.

Only applies to orders on ctrl-alt-doll.com, not for eBay auctions.  Only one Winter Special coupon can be used per customer.


Wig dye is ready for sale! I have put up an eBay auction to sell the first bottle. Take a look there for all the details on this new product. ^_^

New necklace designs are on eBay! These can be used as necklaces or headdresses. Instructions for using a rubber band to attach as a headdress will be included with purchase. ^_^

A new style wig has been added to the website, and one is available on eBay for immediate shipment!


Website: http://www.ctrl-alt-doll.com/dolly-end-curls-bjd-dollfie-wig-p-137.html

eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200042213647

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